Birthday Party at Discovery Green

Absolutely loved my first shoot at Discovery Green. It was a beautiful day with lots of sun. Actually, bright sun isn’t a photographer’s friend, but the weather was so breezy and mild I didn’t mind. And who wouldn’t love following around this handsome little fella??

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HackRice 2015 – Rice University’s Annual Hackathon Event

After spending two days with a camera on each shoulder, attempting to make myself fit in between crowded tables and not trip over any cords while hopefully not disturbing anyone, I felt kind of like I was part of the competition. I had even aquired the official HackRice 2015 t-shirt and my backpack held some very exciting techie SWAG. But apart from eating a lot of the same junk food I wasn’t, of course. I was a photographer with a broken external flash, mostly dead AA batteries, and a shoe that was coming apart. And most importantly, I had slept more than an hour! Here is your inside look at HackRice 2015.

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The Remains of Halloween 2014

I had the pleasure of Trick-Or-Treating with my niece and nephew this year. They both spent the night and accompanied me on a walk to photograph the aftermath of the candy deluge. Not sure they understood my fascination with discarded candy wrappers, but they were more than helpful finding them for me. All of them!

No sad unwanted Halloween pencils this year.

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Don’t Miss Out on BARKTOBER!!


A full 60 minute pet portrait session at your home or park. You’ll receive a mini photo album with one 8×10″ and two 5×7″ prints PLUS five of your favorite low-res images to share online in emails and social media! Time is running out on Halloween Unleashed!

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